About us

David Roland World News is a news organization created by David Roland Medias Group with the primary goal of informing it's audience of current events unfolding around the world, today.

David Roland Medias Group Employees:

David M. Roland                        
David M. Roland is the entrepreneur of David Roland World News.

He is a disabled United States Air-force veteran with over 300 Isis confirmed kills. 

David Roland spends his time trolling Noobs online.

Contact Information: DavidRoland445@outlook.com

Frank B.
Frank B. is an avid journalist with an eye for potential. 

Frank B. Spends his free time in the DRMG coffee lounge.

Contact information: Frankus_Booth@gmail.com

Charles Manson
Charles Manson is our sound mixer for the David Roland World News Youtube channel.

Charles Manson spends his free time choking women and carving Swastikas into his hand.

Contact Information: 1488XXxxXXFOREVER@Hotmail.com

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