Sunday, September 13, 2020

Chris Evans' D!ckP!ck Camera Roll Leak on Instagram


Another David Roland update! Info:No, Chris Evans is not starring in a remake of “Free Willy,” but it appears that he accidentally freed his Willy, captured it on camera, and then posted it on Instagram on Saturday. And, needless to say, social media went insane (in a good way). It seems that Evans was attempting to post an Instagram video and amidst the string of recognizable photos of himself is a silhouette of an erect penis or, as some on Twitter are calling it, “America’s Dick,” “a welcome new ‘member’ of ‘The Avengers” and “the most fantastic one of the ‘Fantastic Four.'” Although he quickly deleted the clip, there were others quicker, who had snapped some screen grabs … and rest, as they say, is Twitter history. Also Read: Watch Chris Evans Do the Couples Challenge... With His Brother (Video) The lesson, here, Chris, is to edit clips before posting them on social media. Then again, a whole lot of his 5.7 million followers were happy enough to see his Mr. Happy to get his name trending on Twitter. Check out a few of the best reactions that are not NSFW: On the flip side of the “Whoa!” reaction to his private photo of his private parts was fans noting what a nice guy he is and posting photos of him with his dog and helping famous ladies up stairs and onto the stage of award shows. A rep for Chris Evans didn’t immediately respond to request for comment. - Do you like David Roland? Visit his website! Do you want to support David Roland? Buy his shirts! Contact David Roland Medias Group -- ( - David Roland Medias Group fully supports this video with all their heart in the making of it. - #DavidRolandWorldNews #BreakingNews #ChrisEvans Tags: chris evanschris evans exposedchris evans leakedchris evans nudeschris evans leaked pictureschris evans instagram livechris evans pics leakedchris evans nudes leakedchris evans situationchris evans dramachris evans picturechris evans slips upchris evans photochris evans leaked photochris evans leakchris evans slip upchris evans trendingchris evans cancelledchris evans marvelchris evans captain americachris evans exposed instagram

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